Mobile Cassette Holders

Flexi-Holder-Versatile, Multi-Angle DR Panel/Cassette Holder


Flexi-holder significantly reduces retakes caused by improper cassette positioning. It permits smoother scheduling and superior radiographs-saving time and labor for cost effective radiographic procedures.


The free-standing model features an extra wide base for maximum stability. It allows accurate radiographs to be taken from virtually any angle from floor level to 71 in. (180 cm.) high. It rolls into position on large, locking casters and tilts the panel/cassette 180 degrees facing straight up, down, or anywhere in between.


480 DR Mobile Tilting Cassette Holder


Made of heavy gauge steel, cast aluminum and stainless steel, it has adjustable arms to accommodate multiple size detectors. It has 180 degree tilt capability, 360 degree rotation and channels for stationary grid. The brake system is located on the base of rear rubber casters. Finish: Light grey baked enamel


DR Tilt & Rotate V-Base Mobile Cassette Holder

•DR Tilt and Rotate include Push Around

•Adjustable 5 ¾ – 50” range from floor to bottom of Cassette tray

•Arm Slides vertically on pole with 12 holes for easy adjustments

•V-Base allows stability and mobility

•Four swivel casters with a lock on each

•Ships in two cartons

•Holds up to 17 x 17” DR Plates

•3” wide top tray stabilizer for use with DR plate encasements with handles or Standard      without Handles

•Holds up to 40lbs

•Used for DR, CR or Standard Cassettes



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