CRV1700 ClearRay Vet Table w MasterX DR Panel & Voyance Software

Presenting the most customizable, feature-rich veterinary x-ray system currently available on the market The durable, highly adaptable Clear Ray System. Optional Motorized Height Adjustment for variable SID Available Integrated 12-18” LCD Touchscreen DR System Fully Integrated tablet with available software to operate and manage all your digital imaging needs.

High-End Materials Manufactured from high-quality anodized aluminum, the Clear Rays’ study column can be adjusted to fit low ceilings. Functionality Our unique Omni-directional table design is the most versatile floating table currently on the market with the greatest lateral range. Silent Rubber-cushioned feet reduce noise and minimize vibration, providing better operational quality Light-Weight By reducing waste present in our competitors’ designs, we achieved the lightest over-all design, reducing shipping costs and keeping you budget in mind.

Stability Solid anchor points hold the entire system firmly in place to ensure smoother operation Ease-of-use Foot controlled, one-touch function for easier animal management and image capture

• 12-18 “ LCD titling touchscreen mounted to retractable column or stand

• First-to-market with a motorized adjustable-height tube stand

• 180° motorized tilting tube stand

• Customizable table width and length dimensions

• Certified and non-certified LED/LASER collimator

• Carbon fiber tabletop



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