DR Tech EVS Panel w/ ECONSOLE1 Software

Smart portability & best quality image for limitless performance

Exprimer, DRTECH’s innovative digital x-ray solution combined advanced ‘Information Technology’ with the latest digital detector technology. With its versatility, Exprimer provides ultimate image quality and can be applied in multiple environments for various applications. EVS 3643 & EVS 2430W, Exprimer’s two portable models provide limitless portability with reliable operation. Upgrade Now! Experience the unbeatable performance of Exprimer and increase your productivity and diagnostic confidence!

Exprimer, innovative digital x-ray solutions suit multiple diagnostic environments with different needs.

  • Excellent image quality using direct deposited CsI

  • Ultimate sharpness image by TRUVIEW® ART 

  • Instant upgrade to digital mobile X-ray system 

  • Patient dose reduction with reliable Lossless AED 

  • High resistance to impact and vibration 

  • Low price fixed grid (120 lines/inch) 

  • Light weight and durable design for portable applications

Lossless AED

Conventional AED function consists of three steps: X-ray sensing, panel reset, and charge integration. Integration time is delayed as extra time is required for panel reset which occurs after the panel senses the incoming x-ray signal. The loss is inevitable even when separate sensor modules within the detector system are used. When acquiring images of thick objects, the loss rate can increase even further. Lossless AED innovatively improved the reliability of sensitivity through operating scheme optimization.

Benefits of Lossless AED

  • Patient dose reduction with more reliable x-ray sensing and integration

  • Increased AED sensitivity 

  • Stable and highly accurate x-ray sensing 

  • Reliable operation without interruption by external shock or vibration 

  • Long lasting battery with low power consuming operating system 

  • Easy switch from sleep mode to acquisition mode with ‘Smart Mode Changes

*Available in 17 x 17 Tethered, 14 x 17 Wireless, 10 x 12 Tethered, and 10 x 12 Wireless



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