Direct Vet Table w/ Examvue Software and Fixed Panel

The New JPI DirectVet 110-volt Veterinary Digital X-ray combines JPI’s robust ExamVue Software, easy to install Vet-view Veterinary Table with our quality, cost-effective Digital Detector for a System that can be set up in ONE hour. Requiring no special preparations, power supplies, or construction. The DirectVet system gives you quality digital X-Rays, allowing your practice to hit the ground running at an attractive cost.

X-Ray Detector

High-precision, low-error diagnosis. IONA detector with DOE over 40%, 16 bit dynamics range generates outstanding quality images that help users to reveal the slightest details for a subject.

Productivity. Detector is ready to shoot within 5 seconds. Consecutive images available in less than 4 seconds allow practitioners to boost productivity along with higher client‘s satisfaction.



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