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Converting from Film to Digital X-ray with DDI

Q: If I am not computer savvy, will I have trouble learning how to use this system?

A: User-friendliness is a must for our customers! If you can turn on your computer and surf the internet, you are already ahead of some doctors who are now successfully using our equipment with ease. Navigating the software is a simple 3-step process. 1) Enter patient information. 2) Select the body parts/views for the images you will be taking for the patient.  3) Take your x-rays. YES, it really is that simple!

Q.  Will converting to digital x-ray save time and increase efficiency?

Q: How long is the process to convert my film system to digital x-ray and train my staff?

A:  Almost all digital conversions and system training sessions are completed in a single day. Installation usually takes between 3-6 hours, largely depending upon the number of in-office computers on which you want the PACS and software installed. Training can last up to 3 hours when necessary, but is usually completed in about half that time. We prefer not to rush through training so we can make sure you and your staff are comfortable when it's time to x-ray a patient. Training will begin with a brief run down of the system's operation - from entering a new patient study to actually taking the x-rays - and answering any questions you and your staff may have along the way. The second step is to allow y'all to use the system while being guided by our instructor. During the final training phase, our instructor will sit back and be available to answer questions while allowing you and your staff take x-rays on your own. In the weeks and months following installation, DDI will be readily available to answer any further questions that may arise as your clinic fully implements your new digital x-ray system.

A:  Absolutely!  Not only will you stop wasting valuable time in the darkroom, you will be saving significant time through the streamlined digital x-ray exam process. After taking an x-ray and moving the patient to their next position, your crystal clear image will be up and ready before you can take the few steps back to your workstation computer. The image acquisition time for your new Cesium DR system is only 3 seconds!  And due to the superior image quality and our included image enhancement features, the need to retake under or overexposed images will all but be eliminated!

Q: Where can I show patients their images?

Q:  Can I send images to patients, other clinics, hospitals, etc?

A:  Yes. You have many ways to transfer images to anyone who might need them. With a simple click, you can easily burn images onto flash drives or CD's to send home with your patients (they LOVE this feature!). You can also instantly and securely email or send images to other medical facilities using the HIPPA compliant DICOM send feature that is included with the Voyance software. You will also have the ability to print images should you want or need to.

Q: Where will my images be stored?

A: You can review patient images with them in the x-ray room itself on the included workstation PC, or on any other Windows computer throughout your office (not to exceed 10 total). You're not limited to only viewing images, but can also edit, add annotations, use advanced tools, draw lines, show progress with side by side comparisons etc from any computer with the Voyance PACS installed. Some doctors designate a particular exam room to double as patient consultation space and mount a 32-40 inch TV to the wall to review images with patients while educating them about their conditions and treatment plans.

Q: Can I still take a film x-ray after upgrading?

A: All of your images will be stored on your included workstation computer's RAID1 hard drive and can be backed up to the cloud server of your choice. The included RAID1 is a "mirrored" hard drive (two hard drives storing the same info) which automatically duplicates images to securely store the information in the event one were to ever go out. While we've never had this happen, it is an excellent advanced feature that provides our doctors some additional peace of mind in knowing that their images are incredibly secure.

A: Yes, you can still shoot film as long as you keep your processor up and running. Our DR panel simply slides in and out of your bucky, much like your old film cassettes do now. This may provide piece of mind while you transition to a fully digital x-ray. The vast majority of our customers, however, are eager to dispose of their processor, chemicals, film, and cassettes as soon as their new digital system is installed. Without a working processor, you will not be able to continue taking film x-rays.

Q:  What will I do with my dark          room?

Q: How long will it take to get my new digital x-ray system?

A:  After financing has been approved, we can usually have your system installed in about 3 weeks. We will do our best to accommodate your preferred installation date and time. If the exact date you request isn't possible, we will work with you to find a day and time that will accommodate the schedule of you and your staff.

A:  Anything you want! Depending on size, we've had doctors reallocate this space as an additional exam room, break room, storage space... the choice is yours!


Q:  What is included if I purchase the MasterX Cesium DR Retrofit System from DDI?

A:  Everything you will need! You'll get a tethered 17x17" Cesium Flat Panel Detector made by Canon that will fit right into your existing bucky, a DELL workstation computer with Windows10 Pro operating system, 24" monitor, keyboard and mouse, Voyance Acquisition Software with chiro specific toolset, Voyance PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) allowing you to view and edit images on up to 10 office computers (most doctors have us install the software and PACS on only 2-4 office computers in addition to the included workstation computer), a 5-year equipment warranty, 2 full years of technical support from the manufacturer, and ongoing service and support from us at DDI for as long as you own the system. All with NO ONGOING SERVICE FEES!

Q: What will I need to have to convert my existing analog equipment to DDI's digital system?

A: The only things you must have to convert to digital imaging are an operational analog x-ray system and an ethernet connection in your x-ray room. Most doctors ask their IT professional to run ethernet to their x-ray rooms, while some elect to do it themselves, especially if they have drop ceilings. In some situations, we can even run the ethernet cable for you at the time of installation. If for some reason an ethernet connection has not been established in the x-ray room by the installation date and we are unable to run it for you, we have a temporary wireless solution to enable immediate use of digital imaging until the necessary ethernet connection has been run.

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