What’s Included When I Convert from Film to a DR Retrofit System with Dynamic Digital Imaging?

         Upgrade with DDI and get EVERYTHING you’ll need with no hidden costs!

  • MasterX 17x17” tethered Cesium flat panel detector that slides right into your existing bucky (Canon/Toshiba)

  • DELL acquisition computer with 1TB hard drive, 24” monitor, keyboard, and mouse


  • Advanced Voyance acquisition software and tools


  • Voyance PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) -giving you the ability to view, edit, and send images from up to 10 existing office computers


  • On-site system installation and staff training by our certified in-house technicians


  • 5-year equipment warranty on your Cesium panel


  • 3-year warranty from DELL on your workstation computer


  • 2 years of remote technical support from our manufacturer


  • Ongoing service and remote technical support from DDI for the life of your system



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